1st Contact Camp

Specialized training for serve receive and defense

Jan 2
Jan 4, 2024
8:30-10:00 am
Ages 15-18
Pacific Institute for Sport Education
4371 Interurban Rd, Victoria, BC V9E 2C5

This 3-session camp is designed for athletes who want to focus on developing their serve receive and defensive skills - it's perfect for liberos, but registered athletes can be in any position. Sessions will include technical and tactical instruction on serve receive and defence, as well as the opportunity to get a lot of repetitions and feedback. Liberos who register for this camp may also be interested in the 2nd contact camp, where setting will be a main focus.

This program is intended for athletes who have been selected to play on a club team.


- Tuesday, Jan 2 through Thursday, Jan 4 - 8:30-10:00 am

*Registration includes all three sessions

Brent Hall, head coach of the Camosun College women's team, is the lead coach for this camp.